Sketching at the Bakery!


Today I taught an Urban Sketching class at Dorothy Ann Bakery. What a yummy place to have a class! I did a quick demo sketch of their fireplace, showing how we use lines and shapes to start a sketch. Pencil, watercolor, then ink to make some areas jump. There were black lanterns with candles and a red vase. I liked the radio on top and a snaky cord that was plugged in. We talked about urban sketching, looked through books and sketches, and then practiced drawing donuts, which one of the bakery ladies, Mary, had plated up for us. We promised not to eat them, and we bought other treats to eat instead.

Last week I had sketched at the bakery (see below) and met Mary. We got to talking about squirrels I had sketched and how they were in our yards. I also sketched a man who was sitting and looking out the window. I liked his red coat and hat. I also wanted to sketch the dessert case and the dessert I ate, an almond tart. It was a fun place, smelled great, and you couldn’t beat all the things to sketch!


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