Train Set

Yesterday my niece and nephews from Australia came to my house for a visit. They were very excited to see my husband’s model train layout in the basement. He has worked many years on it, and has it set up so you can work on it and have it surround you. The bridge area (front of sketch) can be lifted up so you can get out! This enables him to have more space to run trains around, instead of the long back-and-forth set he used to have, where trains go along a straight track, then backwards to where they started.

The kids barraged him with a million questions— how do you run the train faster? What is the ground made of? How did you make the buildings? How did you make the trees? They asked questions so fast he couldn’t keep up, but he patiently answered each question as they thought of another. They tried the controller, put derailed trains back on the track, climbed up for closer looks, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I have never sketched a running train set, but here is my first one! The kids moved a lot, the trains moved, and I had fun capturing them all!

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