Stuck at the Heritage House

The best-laid plans sometimes go awry. I was going to meet a sketch group to sketch the Hennepin Heritage Museum in Minneapolis, but after considering SuperBowl traffic, parking, and 3 degrees above zero into the mix, I decided to stay and sketch locally. Woodbury has a very nice Heritage House. I have painted it a couple times in the summer, so decided to sketch it in the winter. The sky was a bright brilliant blue and the snow was fresh, so I went there instead. As I saw it from the road, Christmas wreaths and garlands met my eyes, and it looked beautiful in the snow. I noticed the snow banks by the road were high, but the snow in the parking lot looked manageable. After pulling into the parking lot, I realized the snow was deeper than I had thought, so I decided I’d circle the lot and go out. As I neared the back of the lot, the snow had drifted more, and looked deeper, and a tight circle was not possible. Okay, this was a job for BACKING out. So I stopped, parked (my second big mistake) and went to back out, but my tires got stuck and whirred in the snow. No matter if I put it into drive or reverse, the tires spun. I was stuck. After cussing my four-wheel drive (that means it should get through any snow), I called my hubby, and while impatiently waiting, I sketched the above sketch. I inked it in and added watercolor later. Finally my hubby came, shoveled me out, and luckily we got out of the lot! A bit harrowing, but at least I got a fun sketch out of it!

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