Fruit Stands at Kowalski’s

Last night I sketched at Kowalski’s from the second floor. I was noticing shapes in the flower pots, displays, and cylinder-shaped card rack. I liked the yellow, oranges, and blues as well. I sketched the pink flower stand first with the oranges, then built the sketch around that, working on the “halo” boxes and fruit stands. I added in the card rack, but it stood isolated. Finally, a lady came and was looking at the cards, so I quickly sketched her in. Finally, I sketched the fruit stand at the left corner, I also liked the shape of the baggies on a roll. All this was done in pencil. Then I outlined everything in pen and finally added watercolor. I considered whether to add stuff in the right corner, but kind of like the empty space. This was a fun sketch, probably took about an hour. There is always so much to sketch at Kowalski’s!

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