A License to Draw

I have been trying to draw more. It’s hard to make time, but I know there is time and I have many excuses. A great book by Danny Gregory, “Creative License”, is my new go-to place to be inspired to draw. He is fun, honest, creative, and has scads of ideas to get you to put away the excuses and just plunge in and draw! I did a few drawings of objects around my house. Drawing my life is interesting. Even just a few minutes a day (which I don’t always do) is providing comfort and peace in a time when my father’s health is deteriorating. Danny provides a structure similar to getting a driver’s permit—basic fundamentals of drawing and practicing daily. Then on to scads of ides of what to draw as you gain confidence. I highly recommend it for beginners and advanced drawers alike. I find it very inspirational!

dgregory book.jpg

Finally, I took my sketchbook to the pool in July. I decided to sketch people I saw, which is challenging for me. Looking furtively out of sunglasses, propping my book on my knees, I try to not be obvious. One lady with a floppy hat that covered her face was a great subject. I just draw things that catch my attention, or I like the pose or accessories. Enjoy!

pool hat

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