Twins Territory

Last night I went to the Twins baseball game against Detroit. We parked a distance away and walked several blocks, coming across people in Vikings hats/braids and purple shirts who were leaving from a pre-game. As we got closer to the stadium, we saw blue and red and knew we were in Twins territory. Winding our way past the statues and ticket scalpers, we finally got through security (yes, my bulging purse with sketching supplies got rifled through). We finally found our seats in the outfield to the right of Minnie and Paul and settled in around a crowd of people. The evening was perfect—hot, but not too hot, a slight breeze, and as the sun set, the temps went down a little. I sketched things around me— a family sitting below my feet, the stadium across from me and then the guys a distance away, staring at screens and getting drink refills. Everyone around us was having fun. Food vendors came up and down the rows and I decided to sketch a lady eating a hot dog. I clapped and yelled with the rest of them after finally putting the sketchbook away. I didn’t pay much attention to the game until then! It was a great time to watch and sketch baseball and I enjoyed it very much.

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