On the Move in Chicago

I was recently in Chicago so sketched some things while on the move. This first sketch was of a couple things—- my daughter’s drink and snacks on the airplane tray table, and later, after a lot of walking—-sitting on the edge of Navy Pier. I saw a friendly sea gull and the dock we were at held excursion boats. The boat left before I could sketch it, but I liked the shape and color of the weight on the dock (what is that thing called?).

The next day found me rattling along on the CTA (train) as we headed to Adler’s Planetarium. The train is a great place to sketch, especially when your subject falls asleep. I often look for sleeping people and peeping furtively at them, I can grab a quick sketch. I also drew a pile driver that was sitting in a construction zone from the floor of my hotel.


Finally, I attempted to sketch in the car, sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Lake Shore Drive. I was bored, we were going at a snail’s pace, so I opened the sketch book. I grabbed quick sketches and worked very loosely. First, a vegan hot dog stand and the umbrellas at Monroe street, then the back of a taxi, with a view of the Navy Pier ferris wheel, and finally a view of the northern shoreline. I observed tons of people out biking, jogging, walking, and on Segways speeding down the sidewalk. Past the beaches and there were tons of people out in the water and soaking up the sun. That’s for another day! Sometime I want to spend more time in Chicago and sketch even more of it!



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