Spoon and Cherry

Saturday was a glorious fall day, but hot, hot, HOT! Temps went into the low 90’s, but I decided to go to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. This beautiful place behind the Walker Art Museum hosts some of the most amazing sculptures. Made from stone, brass, steel, fiberglass, bronze, and other materials, they are sure to capture the hearts of many. The iconic Spoon and Cherry sculpture sits in a pond with water spraying out of the cherry stem. The ducks loved it and so did we! In the distance is a huge electric blue rooster on a gigantic pedestal. I only captured these two, as I sat on a bench in the shade, listening to the city sounds as well as the tinkling of wind chimes that were blowing in the hot wind. Despite the heat, it was enjoyable to see priceless sculptures and soak up the surroundings!

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