Sketching My Kit

I am taking an online urban sketching class and I drew the items in my sketch kit. My first sketch is of my pens, pencils, pens. As I did this, I thought about what I use and what I bring but don’t often use and why. The items I use the most are my black Faber-Castell Pitt pen (F) and my water brush. If I was on a deserted island and only had those things plus my watercolors and a sketchbook, I’d be fine.

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Next, I drew my painting kit. I have three watercolor sets— the Koi one, the Schminke one, and one with tube watercolors in an old blue Grumbacher palette. I mostly use the Koi kit although the colors aren’t as intense.

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Finally, I drew a new set of watercolor pencils I received from one of my students. I have not used watercolor pencils much, so they were a delight to try! Inktense, they are called, and the colors are really cool! I then drew an antique tea cup my mom had given me because I loved the fuchsia pink color and used a sable brush to add water. It was fun to try a new product! I can see myself using them in some sketches I try. This was a great exercise to learn more about what I like about my kit, as well as the things that cause hang-ups. I want to keep trying new things and see what I like! What are your fav tools?

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