Cossetta’s Alimentari is an amazing fixture in St. Paul. It opened in 1911 by Michael Cossetta, from Calabria Italy, as a small Italian market, and eventually expanded from there. Whether you go to the Italian eatery, Pasticceria, or Italian Market, it’s a great place to sample delicious food or buy ingredients for your next Italian meal. After a delicious antipasti lunch, I chose to sit in the Pasticceria (pastry and gelato shop) while my mom perused the market. I decided to draw the large marble countertop and pastry display case. Everywhere were wonderful goodies, in little packages, paper cups, or cellophane packaging. Taste buds watered. I first sketched in this guy at the counter. He was there for a very short time and moved a lot as he completed his purchase, but I got his main profile in. Next, I concentrated on the counter—the moulding, the glass, the fixtures on it, and finally the delicacies inside it.

Here was my basic sketch (above with just a light wash for the countertop and a little watercolor). After I finished with the pen, I began adding light watercolor washes layer upon layer, eventually deepening the values more and more. Finally at home I added the final layer and the sketch was completed (below). The shop was full of people and smelled divine! I can’t wait to go back and sketch again!



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