Toy Sketches

It’s fun to sketch toys of all shapes and sizes….

This summer, I sketched the remote-controlled car of the little girl next door. I never had one of these as a kid, but I’ve seen several of them around—getting kids ready for driving early, it seems. I once watched another neighbor pushing one of these toys up the hill after it lost battery power. I liked the bright pink color and all the shapes and textures of this subject, especially the wheels.


This was a grouping of toys in a waiting room. I used watercolor pencils on this sketch. I colored only the barn and left the other baskets colorless. It kind of accentuates it this way!


Finally….a Bobafett alarm clock, in my daughter’s room! I liked all the shapes and colors of this messy nightstand, including the money sticking out to the left. Plastic shiny toys are fun to sketch and force you to slow down and observe details that you might miss. All of these toy sketches were great subjects!

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