Salon Ultimo

A salon at holiday time is a sight to behold! Everywhere things glitter and glow. As my daughter disappeared to get her hair cut, I was offered a drink and I sat down at a table with a bowl of chocolates. My eyes wandered to find sketch-worthy subjects and they were endless. Hmmmm… should I sketch the huge white and gold gleaming ornaments hanging down, or the lights, or the ribbons, or the Christmas trees festooned with gold and white ornaments and gold ribbons cascading down? My eyes caught the makeup counter with cool leather chairs, a funky mirror, rows of makeup, and a large Christmas tree, right in front of the spa rooms. I started with the chairs, as they had the most challenging shapes. Little by little, I got them on my paper, then worked on the cabinet behind them. I listened to the chatter at the front desk by the receptionists and observed a women with foil in her hair. As the minutes ticked by, the sketch slowly came together. I went home debating what to do with the background. I decided to just let it be. A few splashes of paint, and then it was done. Sometimes less is more, the sketch can stand on its own!

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