Snow and More Snow!

I ventured out to buy a new tube of watercolor paint from my favorite art store, Wet Paint, and parked a block away on a residential street. After getting my purchase, I decided to sketch the street scene in front of me. I was parked and had the heat blasting, but a few things grabbed my attention: the ice-blue house and the little red car. And the expanse of white snow, thrown up against the trees, car, and sidewalk. I liked the texture of the trees too. I started sketching the car in first on a blank page, then moved to the right, adding trees, snow, and the house. I also added another car on the right (hidden by a snow bank), a neighboring house, and I couldn’t resist the sign in the yard telling everyone to SLOW DOWN (for children’s safety). We have had to dig ourselves out of major snow the last two weeks and I thought this scene captured it well!

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