New Sketches and New Tools

As of today I have reached my goal of 100 people in 5 days! The sketch (above) I am sharing today is of some people I did a few days ago at Kowalski’s market. I was sitting on the second level looking down, so had a great vantage point! I have made a goal to not just sketch heads, but bodies too. Today I finished up the remaining 25 or so at the Mall of America. My challenge to myself was to create sketches of the people in a setting, the environment around them. Stay tuned to see those in a day or so…

I wanted to share about my painting kit. I have taken a new direction and have put away the water brush and gone to a dagger brush and water in a bottle. This allows me more flexibility in my painting with more vibrant colors. I also moved away from my Koi watercolors and to Schminke and other tube colors. I used the Schminke metal tin for a couple weeks and discovered I didn’t like it. So I got some inspiration from Mike Daikubara, a Boston urban sketcher. He writes in his book “Sketch Now Think Later” how he had a Koi kit too and wanted to put tube paints in it. He used a 3-D printer to create 20 wells that fit into the Koi box. I don’t know how to do that, so I improvised. I found a flat clear label package and cut it to size to fit the box. Because the paint pans wouldn’t fit in the grids of the box, I glue-gunned the label plastic down to cover the grids, then I had a flat surface. Next, I glue-gunned my paint pans (Schminke) into the box. Now I have a great portable paint set in the box I have used for years. I like the plastic sturdy box with the lid that opens upward.

I added some more colors to my kit, as you can see from my pictures below…



I have learned the importance of having tools that you like and colors that you like too. I will try these for now. I can mix pretty much anything now using these colors.

I am excited to share my last 25 sketches with you! They are done in ink and I need to add color. An exciting adventure ahead!


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