Mall of America–Final Sketches


On Friday, April 12, I finished my 100 people sketches at the Mall of America. On that same day, a 5 year old boy was thrown off a third floor balcony at MOA and continues to fight for his life. I was at the mall after the event happened, but didn’t witness it. However, I did see the yellow police tape around the crime scene and police and other people talking and didn’t even realize what had happened until I heard about it later in the day. Check out my sketches to see some of the places I sketched—Nickelodeon Universe, food court, Build A Bear, and more. It was a great location to finish 24 sketches and I met a goal of including both people and their surroundings in the sketch.  I did the ink drawings with Faber-Castell Pitt pens and finished the watercolors and wrote my thoughts back at home.

This sketching challenge was a great one for me! I feel my skills got better as the week wore on and the sketches piled up on my pages. I intend to continue this very good habit of sketching people. So much can be learned about humanity and our lives, just by sketching. I can’t wait to try this again next year!





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