Lights and Darks

I find I am intrigued by structures. They can be big or small, buildings or objects, but interesting sizes, shapes, colors, and textures seem to grab me when I am sketching. I used to be into natural landscapes and spent years painting those, but now I like other things. A few weeks ago I was at the Japanese Garden at Como Conservatory and I sketched a lantern by some trees. I liked the light and shadows and the ways the edges curled up, the sculptural look of it.

japanese lantern

A week or so ago, I sketched in St. Paul, and happened to notice this house across from my parking spot. The colors and textures attracted me, the slope of the roof line, and all the plants and trinkets in the yard made interesting features. In an area where the spring sunshine was dappling the tree canopies, patches of light and shadow hit the front of the house. So I decided to sketch it. I began with pen then added watercolor, deepening values as colors dried. I’ve always enjoyed light and shadows, and it’s fun to see how interesting structures show those components…

green house

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