St. Paul Fun

A few sketches to share…. On Sunday my urban sketching group went to Keg and Case in St. Paul. Housed in the Schmidt brewery complex, this foodie-haven was full of things to sketch. People, restaurants, shops, and I picked people. So I offer a few sketches that I did around the place.

House of Halva offers vegan cakes and other delicacies…


Pimiento serves up Jamaican cuisine, I was seated above looking down…


Worker B has tons of honey for sale and bee/wax related merchandise!


One last picture— this was done on a different day. I parked near the mighty Mississippi and watched the barges on the river. Barges are interesting to me, they are so huge! Hard to believe a boat can push them down the river…. So here are some parked barges, which made them a little easier to sketch…


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