Packing Up Christmas

It’s the new year and I have now officially been packing up Christmas stuff and reorganizing for next year. My basement has been a mess with tubs, supplies, boxes, and other products and I worked to relegate, purge, and pack up all the stuff around my house. I decided to sketch my process to just have some fun with it. My first sketch is just of a poinsettia flower that my friend gave me. One evening I started looking at its fine veins and leaves and thought, “Why not sketch it?” So I did! I drew it with pen and then added layer after layer of crimson watercolor. You can see the original color in the lightest small leaves. Some time I will have to pack that up to, into the trash, but for now, it is still alive.


This next sketch is a hodge-podge of Christmas boxes and decorations that I packed up. I would pack items, sketch them, then put their box lids on and haul away. It took longer, but I had fun with the process…

packing Christmas

I sketched my son taking the ornaments off the Christmas tree. Our tree is fake and comes out of a large box in three pieces. You basically slide the three pieces together and there’s the tree! He is draped in a fringe-y fleece blanket and his slippers, but I got a sketch of him working. He even dropped a delicate ornament, which shattered into pieces on the floor and my hubby got a broom and trash can to pick it up. There is usually drama when you sketch…. I was so not paying attention that I skipped a page in my sketchbook, leaving one blank by accident, and drew this sketch upside down. So that is quite an addition to my sketchbook!

Christmas treeThe blank page I skipped last night now has a sketch on it. My daughter commented this morning how empty the space looks where the tree was, so today I sketched the lone brown leather chair that now occupies its place. It does look boring, I have to admit. Even with the lamp and shelves, it doesn’t look as festive as a tree with ornaments and lights. But we will get used to it again, and can get really excited in another year when the tree comes out of the basement again!

red pillow

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