Tea and Gloves

I had a little fun a few days ago sketching some favorite things– my kickboxing gloves and a new tea pot I received as a gift.

I have been doing kickboxing for a few months now, and have gotten a lot of use out of my boxing gloves. They are black and white with velcro tabs that close over my wrists and have protected my hands against many punching drills. My kids (young adults) were messing around with them the other night, punching at each other for fun in the family room. They left them lying on the floor and took off to go bowling, so I decided to sketch them.

boxing gloves

Another sketch I did recently was of a new tea pot I got from my son’s girlfriend. I love the mint green color and it steeps just the right amount of tea. My husband and I enjoy sipping tea these cold January days and evenings, so it is the perfect gift!


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