A Fox Sighting

I have been noticing nature around my house and their quest for food in snow and cold temperatures. A few days ago, I looked out the window and sketched some crows in my crab apple tree, they were eating the red berries off the branches. I also noticed some crazy robins who obviously don’t know it’s January. They were eating birdseed I had scattered in the snow. A cautious rabbit joined them. I have also enjoyed seeing rabbits, squirrels, and other songbirds around.


Today I hit the jackpot! My neighbor called me on the phone and said her dog was barking at something in my yard—could I see what it was? I looked out and it was a fox! Right in suburbia! I haven’t really seen a wild fox that close-up, it looked like it walked out of a storybook. It was beautiful. It appeared to be eating away at a rabbit it had caught. My daughter took a picture on her phone, so it’s a bit grainy. We can’t figure out the collar on its neck, maybe it’s a pet?


After it had run off and I had gone to the gym, I came back. Noisy crows had been in the tree after it ran, so I assumed the rabbit carcass was gone. I saw only some tufts of fur with a little pink meat, so I stood by the fence and sketched the little remnants. I also sketched the fox using the photo reference. What a surprise and treat to see a fox!

fox sketch

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