Special Things…

I am sharing a couple sketches that are just everyday things, but they are special too….

My first sketch is of cuddly things— my daughter’s stuffed animal and my dog. Our dog’s fur is coarse in some areas and velvety-soft on her ears. She isn’t an official “comfort animal”, but we sure enjoy her. She herself likes to live in comfort. She pushes her dog bed over the heating duct on the floor and claws it around until it’s a poofy squashy pile, then lays down on it.


I enjoyed celebrating a birthday and decided to sketch a slice of the cake– a black forest cherry cake. Food is fun to sketch, and things that made the sketch a challenge were the crumbly texture, cherry topping (light bounces off it), and piped frosting on top. I messed with the values a bit, layering watercolors darker and darker. I used a white Signo Uni-ball pen to put in the white accents.

I also sketched a beautiful new bag I received. It has fun patterns and colors that I layered with watercolor and I will cherish it. Even special things can make great sketches!

cherry cake

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