Ugly Edibles

I don’t know why I sketch what I do sometimes…. Often things are just hanging around my house and I notice them in a different way. It began with me noticing a half-eaten banana that was super-ripe to the point of almost rotten in black skin. The kind you save and make into banana bread. I thought, “Hmmm, that might be interesting to sketch.” And so I sat a couple evenings ago and laid it on my kitchen table and sketched it. And it was super-fun! (Then I ate the banana). So the sketch sat for day, and I thought— “What else can I put on the page with it? It’s mushy and ugly…” I was reminded that I had bought a celery root that day. Now that’s an ugly vegetable! I had never used one in my whole life, didn’t even know that celery HAD a root or anything… Then I was given a Cauliflower, Fennel, and Celery Root soup recipe by a guy at church, and I was hooked! This pureed soup was a beautiful texture and flavor, and has quickly become a family favorite. So I decided to sketch the celery root, and then yesterday, I decided to sketch the recipe in visual sketches.

celery root

Sketching a recipe as you are making it is a fun but time-consuming undertaking. I started with the vegetables on my kitchen table, then peeled and chopped them, then sketched the process of making the soup. My final step was to sketch the soup in a bowl, garnished with chives and croutons. So out of ugly edibles come some terrific foods!

cauliflower soup

The actual recipe is below. I use an immersion blender and adjust other steps as needed (see notes). Enjoy!

soup recipe

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