Teen Activities

As I worked to finish up my current sketchbook, I sketched some activities of teens I know. My daughter has joined the world of playing XBox video games with friends. She has a headset and will sit like an air traffic controller talking into her mic to other online gamers as she plays her maneuvers around the screen. It’s kinda humorous. I sketched her while she was playing….


She is also in Air Force Junior ROTC at school. She is in a leadership position now, which earns her the right to wear camo clothing called ABU’s (Airman Battle Uniform). They come with a shirt, overshirt, pants, belt, socks and boots. I captured some of the clothing in this sketch. Made of nylon and cotton, she found them to be quite warm.


Finally, a few nights ago we went to a high school wrestling match for a boy we know. I sketched various people and things around me— spectators, coaches, time keepers, etc… I found it impossible to sketch the wrestlers, as they moved too fast! Maybe next time…


The coaches were yelling all kinds of things to the kids on the mat. One kid came over to a trash can below me (I was sitting up a few rows on the bleachers) and threw up into the trash can by the Gatorade cooler. Other kids came to the cooler to grab drinks or dab blood off their faces… I gotta say, wrestling is not a pretty sport, but it was very interesting to watch!


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