The saga continues as my state issues an order to stay at home for two weeks, starting tomorrow. Today I sketched my desk and labeled all the stuff on it in red ink, just for fun. My hubby will be moving all his work stuff and computer set up home this weekend to work from home. So it will not look like this in a matter of days…


Something that has touched my heart are my young adult children. Their lives are on hold. My son is home from college, working through classes online, like so many others around the world. My daughter is a high school senior. She is bummed at the things that will undoubtedly be taken away from her in her final weeks as a senior– the prom, the senior party, and possibly graduation. She is starting distance learning next week at home. I feel her pain. These final months are about those powerful memories that are the capstone of high school. And they aren’t just for the kids but the parents too. It will be weird this year. But we still have to find ways to make these weeks special.

She got her prom dress a few weeks ago. Alterations are done. Sparkly shoes were bought. And now it will likely stay in its cellophane wrapper on its hanger. And she looked so amazing in it! I had to sketch it….

prom dress

But, as we are all learning, life goes on… She is college-bound this fall, and we cannot fathom what the future will look like for that either. So we sit, today, and just face one day at a time. She has hopes and dreams and so do I. I sketched her a few days ago, college hat on, looking at her phone. One foot in the present and one in her future. And that is how we will live. We may all need to dream new dreams, as some are taken away from us. But the new dreams might be just as good, and we need to wrestle with that, as we watch, learn, and let this experience shape us.



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