Calzone Night

‘Twas the night before lock-down and all through the house… we had Calzone Night! My daughter works at a pizza and hoagie shop and decided to share her talents with us last night by making calzones. Lucky us!

We worked together and it was quite a project… we made several things from scratch– the dough, the Romano Cheese/Oregano spice topping, the whipped butter, and the white sauce. I decided to sketch the ingredients and journal about the steps…

Here is a photo of the dough circles and the toppings we put in each calzone. We used pepperoni, mozarella cheese, red onion, green olives.


After they were ready to go, she folded them in half and crimped the edges with her hands. The oregano/cheese mixture was in a shaker bottle and we shook that on the top of each calzone.


After sticking them in the oven for about 20 minutes or so at 400 degrees, they came out a rich golden brown color. We could smell the flavors coming out of the oven and our mouths watered. After sketching my meal, I couldn’t wait to taste it! I dipped the calzone in warm marinara sauce… The flavors were so amazing and I was so proud of my daughter! She definitely has to make the calzones for us again, they were a winner!


After dinner, I used watercolor to color the sketch. I like sketching recipes and this was so much fun!

calzone sketch


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