Spring Marches On…

I’m back to my pen and watercolor, which I like better than working in grays and black. I thought I’d share a few sketches from the last few days. These remind me that despite our current stay-at-home circumstances, time does march on, and living things (us included) go about our work each day. A week ago I took a walk and saw a birdhouse. I noticed litter nearby and decided to sketch it. I am not sure if a bird was making a nest, but the juxtaposition between the trash and the new green leaves and the house were interesting to me.



This week I sketched some construction areas in my community. There is always something to sketch– big machines, bright clothing, gadgets, and interesting objects. I sat in my car in a bank parking lot across from a busy intersection and sketched many elements. I liked the lift truck, the folded traffic barriers with orange lights, etc… I was rewarded with drama when I watched the white truck at the top of the sketch stretch out a crane-like arm and lift up a large cable network with new traffic lights dangling from it. This mass of black cables was going to be attached from one phone pole near it to hang across the intersection, and be attached to a pole on the other side. The second truck at the bottom of the sketch was on the other side. The worker with the stop sign was standing in the street stopping traffic. Suddenly, the mass of black cables and lights crashed to the ground right across the intersection (I think it must have come detached from the lift arm or something). No one was hurt and no cars were in its path when it crashed to the ground. But a bunch of workers ran into the street and heaved the heavy cables and lights to the other side, and then stood around it talking. I’m sure some heads were going to roll due to that mishap!


My neighbor has been working on a project. Due to social distancing and closed playgrounds, he decided to install a play set for his daughter in his backyard. We have been watching for days as he has cut down a large pine tree and run it through a small chipper. Then he has been power washing the playground parts, and setting them against his fence to assemble. Yesterday I sketched him using the power washer, which was kinda fun! He has a large gray beard, so I made sure to sketch that too.


Finally, spring would not be complete without flowers. I painted these pansies on my front stoop the other day. They are done with direct watercolor, no pen, with a dagger brush. I love their colors and enjoy how they brighten up the landscape! Spring is marching on and it’s fun to record it.


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