Never Too Old for Legos

I have a couple sketches to share from this past week. On Sunday, I participated in Urban Sketchers Chicago virtual sketch meet where we were prompted to sketch our creative space. I thought about that, as I don’t have a studio and do a lot of work on location (sometimes in my home, but oftentimes outside my home). I sketched my car in the garage and my go-to bag of supplies that I throw in the car and go find something to sketch. The world is my “creative space” and I love working from life more than photos.

creative space

One day I didn’t get outside to sketch, so I sketched my daughter. She has a gigantic box of Star Wars Legos which have been collecting dust in the basement, so she got them all out and was arranging them on the floor. She took some of the structures apart, put them in little Ziploc bags, and claims she will re-build them again. It was fun to watch her. I thought the scene would make an interesting sketch. I sketched her, the Legos, the box, and the couch and room. Then there was a bunch of leftover white space, which bothered me. So I added a figurine and the Lego symbol, which ties it together nicely. It’s nice to know there is a toy than can occupy a young adult once again, since you can never be too old for Legos!


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