Bluefin Bay

I spent some time in Tofte, MN, last week on the north shore of Minnesota. This is beautiful country, right on the shoreline of Lake Superior. We escaped the 90 degree heat in the Twin Cities and enjoyed cooler temps. We even had a fire in the fireplace at our condo one night. We stayed at a beautiful resort, Bluefin Bay, and enjoyed day trips as well as a hiking trip to Cascade falls and a kayak trip on a local inland lake. I was determined to finish up my homework for my online sketch class, and our assignment was to sketch repetitive items. I decided to sketch the many wooden posts I saw around the resort, some were used as lights for the lake walk, others were used as benches.

bluefin posts

I was also to complete a sketch that used annotations (descriptions, conversations, etc….) and collage (tickets, items from brochures, etc…). I decided to sketch the shoreline, rocks, and the historic Tofte dock, which was built for this fishing town decades ago and is now a dilapidated set of worn-out concrete pieces.

bluefin bayBluefin Bay was a nice respite from life, and though our time up there was just a few days, we enjoyed it immensely!

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