A Tilted World

I haven’t been sketching much lately. Schools are going back in some capacity. My youngest is starting college and moving out this week. I am starting some classes at a local community college soon. The fall feels surreal as we deal with COVID-19, life, stressors, upheavals in our home, and major uncertainty as a nation and as families. An old co-worker once described this surreal, weird feeling in great uncertainty as “the world feels tilted.” That’s how I feel about life now, it feels tilted, off, surreal, strange. A few weeks ago, I sketched some old houses in one of my favorite towns, Stillwater. I don’t know why, but I sketched them leaning diagonally. Maybe it was my mood, but I wanted them bent, tilted. So I offer them up today. I had fun drawing them, but they are wonky!


I was attracted to the pink exterior and interesting shapes of this house….


The next house I drew as in the same park, just looking a different direction. I liked this smokey-blue house and the white trim and windows.


Bending reality is fun in drawing, and bringing out feelings in our lines is fun too! Where are you feeling “tilted” lately? I plan to embrace the fall, the changes, the blessings, and the silver linings. I hope you do too!

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