I don’t normally work in just black and white, but Urban Sketchers Chicago had a prompt yesterday to work in gray scales and choose 1 color to accent the sketch.

I had fun sketching a restaurant in my town, Crave. Their logo has white letters with the “V” in red, so it seemed like the perfect sketch subject! I’ve been there several times and have enjoyed soups, sushi, appetizers, and more. I haven’t been there in a long time, so it was fun to just sit in my car and sketch it and remember the good times I had there.

I captured several sides, including a side view from a rear parking area…

I wanted to capture the doorway, with its red “V” door handles, so I went another time and sketched from a closer parking spot.

The doorway sketch was finished with watercolor washes and white pens. I also added the fire hydrant and I liked the reflective white and red candy-cane stick attached to it. (I rubbed one of these sticks near my house once, since it looked cool. I won’t ever do that again. Tiny fiberglass pokey-things came off into my hand and then it hurt)

This final sketch was done a block away, capturing the red stop sign on the corner.

It was fun to work in gray scales with one color. I love the color red, so that made it more fun! It was a great exercise to just go and do something different!

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