Top 10 Sketches of 2020

OK, so here you have it: my Top 10 Sketches of this year! 2020 has been an insane year. But with all the difficulties and challenges, I managed to still do a bunch of sketching! I chose the following 10 sketches for several reasons. At the bottom of the post you will see a collage of all the sketches with dates. These are the dates of posts where you can go back and read more stories about the sketch. I learned a ton and can’t wait to explore more in 2021!

I chose this sketch because it so speaks to me about this year— my senior in high school (now college kid), finding entertainment on her phone. With online classes, online everything (it seems), she still has found her way during the pandemic.
This sketch also reminds me of this year—nothing goes like you think. I started to sketch my daughter by a river, and she jumped up before I could finish the sketch. So I used some new skills from Oliver Hoeller’s “Design on the Fly” class to incorporate other elements into that sketch, and I loved how it turned out! A little weird, but I like it.
This sketch was made the same day as the one above it with my daughter and the grain elevator. I took a different view by the river and sketched several elements in one sketch. I like the juxtaposition of a fancy brick hotel and the construction vehicle. The sign ties it together.
This sketch was chosen because I like the boat and house together. I like the half-finished look of the boat too.

The next few sketches were done during Oliver Hoeller’s “Bending Reality” class. I grew so much in that class, and have incorporated many techniques in my sketches since June and July. I learned to work looser….

(A sketch done from a photo reference)

I learned to exaggerate differences between buildings and subjects…

I learned to create humor….

(done from reference photos)

And I learned to take my new skills into the field….

I like this sketch a lot. The fun wobbly lines makes it more fun!

As the fall wore on, I still got out to sketch. I spent more time around my hometown looking for things to sketch, but still came across some fun ones!

I think this is one of my favorite sketches! I like how the watercolor bled together, and the interest between the glass, metal, chrome, and weeds.

Finally, I chose this recent sketch. I like all the elements, from the food truck, the brown dumpster, the flag, and the cones. There were just layers of interest in that scene.

I can reflect back on 2020 and remember many things, both good and bad. But I think my sketching helped me stay sane, and I’ll be doing even more of it in 2021! Thanks to all of my readers, I so appreciate your support and feedback! Thanks for spending the time to check out my sketches and reading my stories. I hope I’ve inspired you during 2020 as well, and best wishes for a New Year!


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