New Beginnings

I have enjoyed looking back over my art journals the past weeks. I find them interesting, I have been keeping them since 2010, and they track my progress as an artist. I can re-read the pages and look at the photos of art I have done, I can remember frustrations and joys, read about materials, and remember shows and activities I have done. They are truly a treasure. I store them in a cupboard and some of them are falling apart.

I sketched these journals for a sketch prompt on Sunday. They are a collection of books that mean a lot to me… Here are few photos…

In these journals, I write copious notes…

Final sketch of these books and an open page…

With this new year has come some new beginnings. I decided to take Liz Steel’s “Sketchbook Design” online class. I started Monday. Today I worked on practicing a bit of handwriting and I sketched out my materials and a college wind sock that hangs in my house….

I also worked on a page that reflects some of my goals for my sketchbook class. I hope to develop some interesting layouts and push my skills to new heights. I hope to expand my storytelling abilities as well. These are sort of Sketching Resolutions! I chose a snow plow in a parking lot to sketch, of course I liked its bright yellow color.

What are some of your sketching goals for 2021? What would you like to try?

Happy Sketching!

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