Red, White, and New!

I recently watched a USK Talks Season 2 show on YouTube that was about reportage. I added the link here so you can read about the show and watch it too, and learn from Veronica Lawlor and Fred Lynch, veteran sketchers.

I found this show quite inspiring as they navigated the concepts of reportage—-telling stories, opinions, statements, and feelings with our sketches. They included a sketch challenge which is what I am sharing today: “Portrait of a Day in the Pandemic”. We were invited to sketch throughout a whole day, documenting what we did, what activities we participated in, basically, a day of our lives. I tackled this challenge on January 20, the Inauguration Day of Joe Biden as President. I wanted to get this day down in history, so it seemed like the opportune time. My daughter was also packing up to return to college, so you can also see those things in my sketch too. Enjoy the 2-page spread of “Red, White, and New” and the close-ups below!

Left Page….
Right Page…
Full 2-page spread

I added collage elements and other elements to enhance the page. I’m pretty happy with it! It was a challenge and took a little thinking. The first sketch was the left corner of blue berries/strawberries. With that on the page, I was committed! No turning back now. I worked from left to right, adding small bits here and there during the day. I was able to catch some of the TV footage, so added that. It was interesting as the day progressed, I had to think and plan what to add. I tried to think about what told the story of my day, not just a collection of activities. I did more things than what is on this page (like go to the gas station), but I had to think what told my story best. I don’t think I’ve ever sketched a whole day’s worth of activities before. It is a different mind-set. So… give it a try sometime! I learned a lot and had fun and I bet you will too!

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