Holiday Sketches

Our Fourth of July weekend was nice. I had the opportunity to do a few sketches away from my house. I have enjoyed sketching flowers lately, so my first sketch was of a festive flower pot in a senior living community where relatives live. The little flag was a nice addition to the plants in the pot!

Here’s the finished sketch:

We actually went to our town’s fireworks display this year. Though scorching hot, my daughter and I wandered around a few hours on the grounds of the high school and an indoor soccer center. Surrounding it were outdoor soccer fields, football fields, and a playground and splash pad crammed with tons of families and small children, who were running around as if it was not 90 degrees in the shade. Food trucks were lined up along the street with long lines of people waiting for dinner items. Everywhere people were talking, pushing strollers, having fun, and the occasional nap-deprived child was crying. We found a spot on a field and laid out our lawn blanket and set up our chairs. As the sun was setting, it was more tolerable in temperature and a breeze came up. I sketched my daughter hanging out on the blanket.

My final sketch was one I did of a family who was seated a few feet away. The young boys were blowing bubbles, so I thought that would be a fun sketch. I saw an over-laden stroller parked by another family and added that to the sketch. The sun was setting and it was truly a beautiful evening, and the fireworks were amazing! What a fun night!

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