“Beside Still Waters”

Soft Pastel on Canson paper

18.75 x 21.5 Framed


Available at the Frameworks Gallery


Heather’s Artist Statement:

I am a Minnesota artist who works in soft pastels, and I capture color and light in plein air studies, nature, and landscapes. 

I create art in response to the joy and wonder that I experience in the world around me. I am inspired by nature–the dancing diamonds of falling snowflakes, the ripple of purple field grasses in the wind, the vibrant greens and pinks of a ripening pear, the blaze of autumn color.

I enjoy the pastel medium–sticks of pure, vibrant color at my fingertips. I seek to convey the richness of color, design, and space of the natural world  into my paintings. 



I have the above piece, “Beside Still Waters” at the Lake Country Pastel Society Exhibit at the  Frameworks Gallery below. Join us for the May reception and to see amazing work by Minnesota’s premier pastelists!