Month: December 2018

Silly Slippers

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December 25th found me at my in-laws house for Christmas dinner. Earlier in the day, I had fun sketching my daughter’s jingle slippers. There are so many bells on those things that I can hear her coming all the way across the house! They are silly-looking and were a treat to sketch with all the textures, reflections, and colors. Later, I sketched the presents and part of the Christmas tree. And a lone cup of Glogg, the Swedish mulled wine drink that we had before dinner. The sketch was heavy on the right side and bottom, so I left blank space in the left corner for the eye to rest a little. Like I’ve said before, anything can make good sketch subjects!

St. Lucia

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to sketch at the American Swedish Institute. Out in the courtyard was a huge metal statue dressed like Santa Lucia, a martyr killed for her faith in 304. My blank page began with the hair of this statue, made from some type of fabric. I inked in the face and rest of the statue, then added the clothes. It’s hard to tell, but I would guess the statue is around 20 feet or so tall, as I saw people taking pictures in front of it. In the background of the courtyard were trees, a fire pit, seating areas, and the Turnblad mansion. While my family looked around the museum, I sketched. I found the statue a bit strange-looking, and by comments from other people near me, I was not alone. I think the metal features of the face and the see-through hair behind it kinda messed with most people’s image of a pristine blond-haired Swedish girl as the St. Lucia. But in any case, it made for a great sketch subject, as did the mansion behind it!


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Remi is my husband’s cousin’s dog and she is a beautiful silver-brown lab. We had the opportunity to spend time with her over Thanksgiving and I did a few quick sketches of her napping. I wanted to add more to my page, so a few days later I was sketching this reddish backpack at Caribou and it seemed like a fun addition to the page. Both the dog and the backpack were resting while their owners did other things. It was a nice parallel!