Red, White, and New!

I recently watched a USK Talks Season 2 show on YouTube that was about reportage. I added the link here … More

Space: Color or Not?

Another sketchbook design I am learning is how to use color blocks and white space. Sometimes it’s easy to merrily … More

Fun With Borders

I am enjoying an online class with Sydney Australia urban sketcher, Liz Steel. Her classes are excellent, chock-full of information, … More

Brazilian Cheese Bread

My daughter found a recipe for Brazilian Cheese Bread. I had never baked it before, so I thought we’d give … More

Minnehaha Falls

I was interested in sketching at Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis. I have sketched there in the summer time, but wanted … More

New Beginnings

I have enjoyed looking back over my art journals the past weeks. I find them interesting, I have been keeping … More