Month: August 2018

Sketching People Who Don’t Move

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people 2

I have been in an airplane the past week and decided to pass some time sketching passengers. These can be easier to draw than most people because they are seated, belted in, and can’t move very much! I drew a couple guys and found it relaxing to draw the seats as well. As my pen moved over my paper, I felt calm, even during a little turbulence. Another flight got me sketching. A large bald man sat a few feet away and stuffed orange ear plugs into his ears. Our plane sat on the tarmac with a slight delay, so instead of getting worked up, I sketched. He slept during the flight, so I had no trouble sketching him.

people 1

Finally, I sketched other people who didn’t move—-mannequins! I had taken my sketch book to the mall but didn’t have time to sketch. I was waiting at H and M and sat on a display table (which I was asked to move from) and noticed these shiny black models with no faces. They were kinda creepy, but were immovable and wore brightly colored clothes with interesting textures, so I went for it! The store was busy and noisy, but it’s amazing how drawing can help you get into a relaxing zone and I do zone out my surroundings. I was so relaxed and focused that I wasn’t paying attention to the ripped jeans my daughter threw into the “purchase pile” and discovered them when I got home!



A License to Draw

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I have been trying to draw more. It’s hard to make time, but I know there is time and I have many excuses. A great book by Danny Gregory, “Creative License”, is my new go-to place to be inspired to draw. He is fun, honest, creative, and has scads of ideas to get you to put away the excuses and just plunge in and draw! I did a few drawings of objects around my house. Drawing my life is interesting. Even just a few minutes a day (which I don’t always do) is providing comfort and peace in a time when my father’s health is deteriorating. Danny provides a structure similar to getting a driver’s permit—basic fundamentals of drawing and practicing daily. Then on to scads of ides of what to draw as you gain confidence. I highly recommend it for beginners and advanced drawers alike. I find it very inspirational!

dgregory book.jpg

Finally, I took my sketchbook to the pool in July. I decided to sketch people I saw, which is challenging for me. Looking furtively out of sunglasses, propping my book on my knees, I try to not be obvious. One lady with a floppy hat that covered her face was a great subject. I just draw things that catch my attention, or I like the pose or accessories. Enjoy!

pool hat

The Hudson Marina

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A few days ago I enjoyed an evening sketching in Hudson, Wisconsin. This beautiful river-side town boasts a nice park right on the waterfront, so I parked and looked around for things to sketch. The day was winding down, blue skies and evening sun setting, breezes, and the activity on the river was all around me. Large yachts, cruisers, ski boats, and sail boats moved slowly around the river or were anchored together in the middle of the water where people talked and radios blared. I sat at a picnic bench by the marina and noticed the St. Croix Sailing School sailboats parked nearby. I liked the look of the row of boats, the sunlight was bouncing off their ends, the other parks in partial shadow under the trees. Sometimes I notice patterns and shapes that are interesting and that’s what I choose to sketch. After I sketched the waiting sailboats, I turned the other direction and looked out into the marina. A group of adults sat in the back of a boat and on the dock and sipped drinks and chatted. Near them was the dock and other large boats were parked. I watched a guy in a smaller fishing boat and he stood on the dock and talked to others. It was so relaxing that evening, everyone seemed to be having a nice time! There’s something about boats and water….I love to sketch them.