Month: March 2018

Airport Sketches

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Airports can be fun places to sketch. I did the sketch above while waiting for a plane yesterday. There was a cafe open and a variety of interesting displays, including a pretzel rack. I liked the guy with a shaved head and pony tail, he added interest to my sketch. Below is a sketch I did at the Minneapolis airport. I was eating a muffin at Caribou and looked out the window. A plane was being fueled and eventually pulled away from the gate. This contraption didn’t move, so I had time to sketch all its details. I saw a similar fuel station when my plane pulled into the gate yesterday and the other side was facing me. It was full of dials and displays, which I didn’t see when drawing it last week. It’s amazing how even machinery can be fun to sketch!


Mediterranean Cruise Cafe

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Med. cafe

I did a recent sketch at the Mediterranean Cruise Cafe in Burnsville. We were celebrating my husband’s birthday and having been there before, I knew it would be a rich environment with a lot to sketch. After ordering, I got a sketch started of the architecture, daring arches, fabulous lighting, brick, rich colors of reds, browns, etc… I added a few people (the waiter with the yellow hair) and ladies she was serving. As business picked up, I added in more people and staff. Between bites of gyros, saffron rice, shish kabob, and Greek salad, I also sketched in my son across from me. My teens got on my case about sketching and said it was like using a cell phone at the table! Ha! I couldn’t put my pen down…so many things assaulted my senses—the rich aromas of lamb shanks, the fiery dish some waiter set before a patron (literally flames were going up), the noise, the waiter in front of my who set a green glass container on the table and set tables up around us…. how could I possibly put my pen down? But eventually I did. That is, until the lights dimmed and the belly dancer came out. Back out came the sketch book. Through unfamiliar haunting music , she writhed and jiggled on stage, arms flowing back and forth like mesmerized cobras doing a dance to a flute, her sequined costume catching light which dazzled the eyes. A few songs later, she brought out the finger cymbals and clicked her way through the music, as children came around the stage to watch. It was truly a wonderful evening! I got the sketch drawn, came home and used a brush pen to add the shadows and darks and refine a few things, then added watercolor to bring out some colors. I love sketching in restaurants!

Broken Eggs

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broken eggs

Urban sketchers have said that if you sit long enough, some type of drama will happen while you are sketching. As you can see from the rest of my journal above, I sketched a woman in Kowalski’s who happened to drop a big package of eggs on the floor, which I then captured in my sketch. I wanted to capture the black-clothed employees leaning over, picking up egg pieces, but they worked too quickly to grab a sketch. And my subject, the lady with the leopard-print sweater, seemed to slide quickly into the check-out lane once she knew she was freed from cleaning up the mess. So I got a quick sketch of her and was still adding details while she was behind a check-out register in line. The yellow sign changed position a few times, and I thought it was humorous that it stayed there and no one came to mop up the eggs. Customers just side-stepped around it! But I am sure it got cleaned up after I left.

March Thaw at the Marina

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Stillwater marina

Today I was in Stillwater and decided to do a sketch. I drove to the north part of town, parked by the Brown’s Creek State Trail info. booth (above) and decided to sketch both it and the wrapped dry-docked boat behind it. The parking lot attracts people interested in going on the trails and behind the stand a ways away is the hulking building of the Stillwater Marina (not pictured). I liked the bright brick red and yellow colors of the booth and its multi-colored signs. There’s something interesting about these dry-docked boats in shrink wrap. Bayport is full of them, wrapped in blue, and sometime I want to go sketch a big row of them. Anyway, I digress. I liked the snow, the trail signs, all signs of spring and what is to come. And the juxtaposition between the piles of snow/brown and brittle Christmas decoration in a pot, with the trail/boat waiting for summer. I sat in my car and sketched because it was chilly out. By the end of the sketch (about 40 minutes later), I was frying from the car heating up in the sun. A great feeling in the winter: being too warm. I hope to do more sketches of Stillwater this year, there is always so much to see!


Toned Sketch at Barnes and Noble

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Today I decided to try something new—sketch on toned paper. I chose brown for part of the picture, and went to Barnes and Noble to sketch a desk area by one of the hallways. I am interested in developing more sketches on colored paper, just to change things up a bit. I brought out my colored pencils and had fun using those as well. My hope is to try some pastels in my sketches in the near future. The desk provided me some interest with its fun shapes, clutter, and messy interior. I got lucky when a kid in a bright blue jacket and pink and orange hat sat on the floor (if only for a few seconds) and I was able to sketch him in when the sketch was nearly finished. He adds more visual interest than just all the other objects. I enjoy adding people in when I can, they are so interesting!

Lunch at Cafe Latte

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cafe latte

Today I went to Cafe’ Latte for lunch. As I slid my tray along in the line of hungry lunch-goers, the smells and colors beckoned to me. Soups, salads, sandwiches, desserts—so much to choose from! I chose a pasta chicken salad that had tomatoes, spring greens, zucchini pieces, parsley, bowtie pasta, and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. I also got a roll with Kalamata olives baked into it. Since I make an artisan bread of the same kind, I decided to try theirs. Delicious! The restaurant was busy and noisy. I went up the upper level with my hubby and we found a table for two. I like the upper level– the natural lighting and whimsical colorful artwork provide a nice backdrop for great food. After we finished our lunches, I saved the table and he went downstairs to check out the desserts. A few minutes later, a Kahlua cheesecake was set in front of me—- divine. A rich coffee flavor, plenty of whipped cream topping with chocolate-coated coffee beans for decoration. Yummmm! I was so into eating it, I didn’t bother to draw it! As I descended the stairs, I noticed a framed photo of the Soup Nazi from the Seinfeld show, it looked like it had an autograph. A fitting picture right over their soup area. Such a fun place!