The Crayola Experience

This week I did another thing I have never done—attended the Crayola Experience at the Mall of America. While there … More

March for Our Lives

Today I went to the “March for our Lives” at the State Capitol. It was a cold cloudy day and … More

Deli on Blue

I tried another experiment with colored paper, this time blue. I sketched a portion of the deli at Kowalski’s from … More

Calhoun Pet Supply

My son and I went to a meeting about high school racing for the Minneapolis Sailing Center. We went into … More

Antique Sketching

My parents house is a treasure trove of antiques. I am not an antique collector, but they are. They love … More

Airport Sketches

Airports can be fun places to sketch. I did the sketch above while waiting for a plane yesterday. There was … More

Mediterranean Cruise Cafe

I did a recent sketch at the Mediterranean Cruise Cafe in Burnsville. We were celebrating my husband’s birthday and having … More

Broken Eggs

Urban sketchers have said that if you sit long enough, some type of drama will happen while you are sketching. … More