Antique Sketching


My parents house is a treasure trove of antiques. I am not an antique collector, but they are. They love old things and find them at sales and other places. Over the last couple years I have sketched a few of their items. My most recent sketch (above) was in the dining room. A large cabinet that my dad made is stained cherry-colored. It contains many pottery pieces my mom has collected. She says her style is “Rustic” or “Primitive”, so collects old bakery and cooking pieces as well.

The sketch below is of things on their porch from my mom’s side of the family. An ox yoke, washboard, icebox, grocery scale, Pound-a-Peg, and coconut tins are not things we’d see nowadays, but they add character to the porch.

porch antiques

I sketched a wall in the living room in 2016. I liked this dresser and rocking chair, both pieces they have redone. A large crock holds a blanket and dried baby’s breath sits in the basket to provide texture. I never knew how fun it would be to sketch antiques!




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