Calhoun Pet Supply

My son and I went to a meeting about high school racing for the Minneapolis Sailing Center. We went into the Uptown community room on the corner of Bryant and 36th in Minneapolis, and while waiting for other students, I looked around for something to sketch. I could see out the windows to the street and noticed the Calhoun Pet supply building across the street. Between cars stopped at the light, pedestrians, people’s heads from nearby tables, I grabbed this sketch quickly. I started with the jaunty sign (it looked ancient), and I liked the broad blue signage and yellow-gray brick (or maybe river brick) front. Posters and displays decorated the windows. A red and white truck blocked my view for a few seconds, so I sketched it, but then the light changed and it was gone. Some kids arrived early for the meeting and went to the store to look around. They commented that it smelled like dog food and there were no animals (I think they thought it sold pets). Later in the evening I was able to fill in a few more bricks and other accents and color with watercolors. Good thing I carry my sketch supplies in my purse, you truly never know what you’ll get to sketch!

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