Community Gardens

A few weeks ago, I was at Woodbury Lakes, an outdoor shopping area. I noticed signs for a community garden. … More

Sketching Fountains

There’s something about moving water that I really like. It mesmerizes me, whether it’s waves, ripples, or cascades. I also … More

Cactus Surprise

I love sketching in the summer for many reasons, and one of them is: Flowers. I like the colors and … More

Holiday Sketches

Our Fourth of July weekend was nice. I had the opportunity to do a few sketches away from my house. … More

Paint the Painter

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop sponsored by Outdoor Painters of Minnesota. It was led by … More

The Holy Smokers

It’s fun when you have some really honest-to-goodness barbecue! At the church where I work, our pastor started a group, … More

Humor in Waiting…

I often do sketching while waiting for things to happen. An artist once said that often when you sketch, some … More

Landmark Center

A historic building in St. Paul, Minnesota, is the Landmark Center. Last week, our Urban Sketching group went to Rice … More

Fast and Furious

When sketching on location, one has to learn to work fast. People move, weather changes, your subject walks away, people … More

Family Life

I have several sketches I’ve done these past weeks that all seem to pertain to “family life”. You have to … More