Month: June 2018

Backyard Flowers

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Day Five found me sketching plants in my back yard. Container plants or free-growers, they are all beautiful this time of year! Can’t wait to try the basil for pesto! I recently got a new hummingbird feeder because the one sketched was leaking. We’ll see how many new hummers we get!

Graduation and Golfers

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Day 3 of my challenge found me at the Woodbury High School graduation sitting on bleachers at Aldrich arena. While waiting for commencement to start, I looked around for things to sketch. The band and orchestras were playing, so I decided to sketch a boy holding a bass on his lap between songs. His posture and the large instrument caught my attention, and I had to sketch, then wait until he finished playing and sat back down. The conductor in his black robe was a challenge, as he kept moving, but I tried to sketch him anyway. I also sketched the vases of flowers that each student was given after their name was called.

Day 4 found me at the Prestwick golf course dropping off my son. I sat in the parking lot for a bit, capturing the high stone retaining wall and the golf carts lined up ready for a tournament. I liked the contrast of their light-colored roofs against the green and blue of trees and sky, as well as the interesting architecture of the club house. Now, on to Sketch #5!


Sketch #2- Golf Dome

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Day 2 of the 30×30 Challenge found me in Maplewood sketching the golf dome and mini-golf area. Gray storm clouds hovered overhead as I sat in my car in the parking lot. I had to roll down my window to catch some details of this scene, as rain droplets on my window interfered with the view. I decided to do a small building with a larger structure as a backdrop. Wheel barrels were propped up against the fence and walls and a lone flower windmill whirred slowly in the breeze. The deserted course will soon be overrun with eager mini-golfers who chose a better day than I did to go out to the course!

Siberian Iris- Day 1 of Challenge

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Today is Day #1 of the “30 x 30” Direct Watercolor Challenge, which you can read about in the image above. It will be fun to see what sketches I do during the month and how my journaling improves. I invite you to watch each day to see what new things are shared!