Mediterranean Cruise Cafe

I did a recent sketch at the Mediterranean Cruise Cafe in Burnsville. We were celebrating my husband’s birthday and having been there before, I knew it would be a rich environment with a lot to sketch. After ordering, I got a sketch started of the architecture, daring arches, fabulous lighting, brick, rich colors of reds, browns, etc… I added a few people (the waiter with the yellow hair) and ladies she was serving. As business picked up, I added in more people and staff. Between bites of gyros, saffron rice, shish kabob, and Greek salad, I also sketched in my son across from me. My teens got on my case about sketching and said it was like using a cell phone at the table! Ha! I couldn’t put my pen down…so many things assaulted my senses—the rich aromas of lamb shanks, the fiery dish some waiter set before a patron (literally flames were going up), the noise, the waiter in front of my who set a green glass container on the table and set tables up around us…. how could I possibly put my pen down? But eventually I did. That is, until the lights dimmed and the belly dancer came out. Back out came the sketch book. Through unfamiliar haunting music , she writhed and jiggled on stage, arms flowing back and forth like mesmerized cobras doing a dance to a flute, her sequined costume catching light which dazzled the eyes. A few songs later, she brought out the finger cymbals and clicked her way through the music, as children came around the stage to watch. It was truly a wonderful evening! I got the sketch drawn, came home and used a brush pen to add the shadows and darks and refine a few things, then added watercolor to bring out some colors. I love sketching in restaurants!

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