Broken Eggs

Urban sketchers have said that if you sit long enough, some type of drama will happen while you are sketching. As you can see from the rest of my journal above, I sketched a woman in Kowalski’s who happened to drop a big package of eggs on the floor, which I then captured in my sketch. I wanted to capture the black-clothed employees leaning over, picking up egg pieces, but they worked too quickly to grab a sketch. And my subject, the lady with the leopard-print sweater, seemed to slide quickly into the check-out lane once she knew she was freed from cleaning up the mess. So I got a quick sketch of her and was still adding details while she was behind a check-out register in line. The yellow sign changed position a few times, and I thought it was humorous that it stayed there and no one came to mop up the eggs. Customers just side-stepped around it! But I am sure it got cleaned up after I left.

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