March Thaw at the Marina

Today I was in Stillwater and decided to do a sketch. I drove to the north part of town, parked by the Brown’s Creek State Trail info. booth (above) and decided to sketch both it and the wrapped dry-docked boat behind it. The parking lot attracts people interested in going on the trails and behind the stand a ways away is the hulking building of the Stillwater Marina (not pictured). I liked the bright brick red and yellow colors of the booth and its multi-colored signs. There’s something interesting about these dry-docked boats in shrink wrap. Bayport is full of them, wrapped in blue, and sometime I want to go sketch a big row of them. Anyway, I digress. I liked the snow, the trail signs, all signs of spring and what is to come. And the juxtaposition between the piles of snow/brown and brittle Christmas decoration in a pot, with the trail/boat waiting for summer. I sat in my car and sketched because it was chilly out. By the end of the sketch (about 40 minutes later), I was frying from the car heating up in the sun. A great feeling in the winter: being too warm. I hope to do more sketches of Stillwater this year, there is always so much to see!


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