The Crayola Experience

This week I did another thing I have never done—attended the Crayola Experience at the Mall of America. While there with my teen daughter and her friend, I sat and sketched one of the themed areas (above). I have never seen a place that was totally focused on crayons. As large as a one-level department store, brightly colored walls, videos, green screens, and play structures over-did my senses. You could take a photo then make it into a coloring page. You could mold your own crayons into shapes. You could melt crayons and do drip paint. You could eat in a crayon-themed cafe. You could dance on a floor of moving objects and they’d be projected on a wall. You could create your own crayon colors and name them. My daughter chose names from The Office— Obnoxious Michael Green, Dundie Yellow, Dwight’s Beet Red, and Ryan Started the Fire Orange. After some time, over-stimulation from the many little kids and parents took its toll, and we departed. But it was truly and interesting experience!

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