Orchids and Daffodils

Last week I went searching for warmer weather, so went to somewhere with humid air and green plants: the Como Conservatory. I enjoy going here in late winter and it didn’t let me down. While dodging around school groups and families, I breathed in the humid air of the Fern room, and listened to the trickling water and fountain in the main garden. Large tropical trees and plants stretched their branches to the windowed ceiling above and condensation dripped down the windows to the ground below. I have two favorite areas: the bonsai room and the Sunken Garden. I needed flowers and scents, so headed to the Sunken Garden, aptly named for the steps that take you down to tiled walkways while a long rectangular pond with elevated plants in containers ends in a fountain. The Spring Flower show was in full force with plenty of purple and yellow spring flowers: daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, violets, and more. I always try to find a seat and breathe very deeply. I sketched the flowers and a guy with a huge camera taking pictures. I then moved to one of the main gardens with the tropical plants, orchids, and more water features. Kids drooped over brick walls looking at fish below. I saw a mom and her daughter across the pond, deeply shaded by trees and decided to sketch them. I also got a detailed sketch of a beautiful mauve and cream orchid embedded in moss. It was a lovely place to sketch and cured the winter blues!

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