Minnehaha Falls

I was interested in sketching at Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis. I have sketched there in the summer time, but wanted to see the ice on the falls. You can read more about the park here: https://www.minneapolisparks.org/parks__destinations/parks__lakes/minnehaha_regional_park/

My daughter and I bundled up and drove to the park. Normally it’s packed and we have to hike from a parking lot, but I was pleased to find a spot close to the falls to park. A few people with small children were out and about, interested to see this treasure. My daughter walked down the long winding stone staircase to see the bottom of the ravine where the falls fell, but I stayed up on the observation area and began a quick sketch.

You can see the water crashing down on the right side, under a cap of ice.

I was struck by the power of the water and all the ice hanging down over the bluffs and just had to sketch it! Some of the ice was a silvery color, other areas on the right side of the falls had a turquoise tint to them. The formations were stunning! I started with pen first, placing values on my page…

As I sketched, I noticed people around me. A family was posing for a photo with a tiny toddler in bright pink snow pants. Most people wore masks or scarves. I noticed other people looking at the falls and quickly sketched them. A woman threw a ball to a brown fluffy dog, who chased along after it and brought it back to her for more. I watched as people down in the ravine sat and stood on the ice edges by the river. I kept my parking stub and taped it in my book later at home, after adding watercolor to everything.

After viewing the falls, we drove further into the surrounding neighborhood and ended up at the Lock and Dam. There was an observation area, which I pulled off in. I sat in my car and faced an amazing view of the Ford Bridge, as buses and cars rumbled across. The bridge was curtained by trees on both sides, and further in the distance (under the bridge), the Veterans home. The view was spectacular! Later, we stopped for hot drinks, so I added that in my sketch too.

It was a very fun excursion to see the frozen falls! I enjoyed getting out and seeing a special slice of Minneapolis, and came home with some fun sketches too!

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