St. Paul Food Truck Festival

I joined the Urban Sketchers last Saturday for a super-fun event in St. Paul— the Food Truck Festival. Over 45 food trucks congregated in Mears Park, and arranged themselves bumper to bumper around the perimeter of the park. I wandered the perimeter, taking in sights, sounds, and smells of various foods, people, and events. After trying some tasty baklava at a Greek food truck and wandering past the musicians, yoga-goers, and crowds of people, I got down to business of finding a sketch-worthy sight. I saw the Turbo Taco truck, bright blue, against a backdrop of buildings, with people sitting on a small wall. I settled down in the shade and began to sketch. Despite getting too much sun on my feet and capturing the interest of a few yellow jackets, I sketched the chaos around me. Hordes of people walked up and down the sidewalk with dogs, children, strollers. Using a cheapie Michael’s sketchbook, Koi watercolors and Faber-Castell Pitt pens, I finished the sketch and went looking for something else to draw. I wandered past the bull-riding area, listening to the musicians on stage. I noticed large hanging planters of brilliant red flowers, round light bulbs on lampposts, and a bright orange food truck. The best part was a man was seated at a park bench a few feet away and stretched both arms back along the bench, basking in the sun. I furiously sketched him in, knowing he’d move, which he did. Once I got his gesture down, I could add the bench later, and everything else around it. That’s the challenge of urban sketching—-everything moves. People move, they walk away, the bus moves, everything is always changing on you. So you have to work hard and fast. Nothing poses for you. I had interested onlookers, including a middle-aged man, a few young men in their 20’s, and a teenage girl who talked a bit about her art and sketch projects. I always love talking to people too!


I met up with the sketchers for photos and to share our sketchbook drawings. It was such a beautiful summer day, and everyone around me appeared to be having a good time. I can’t wait to get out and sketch again!

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